Keyword Brainstorming For SEO


When it comes to SEO, keywords are a crucial factor in determining how high a website appears in search results and whether anyone will find it at all. SEO is a process that reflects a site’s visibility in a search engine’s results by examining how search engines operate, what people seek for, keywords used and which search engines diverse audiences prefer.

When deciding what keywords to target when designing a website, brainstorming SEO keywords is the first initiative. When choosing keywords to use for a website, it is necessary to start up small, using keywords that are less competitive and progress to more competitive keywords. Besides, the more exposure a person receives for example, through publication articles and convention appearances the more opportunities he or she has to get more links and become more competitive.

Keyword Research

It’s essential to research keywords to ascertain their viability. The best way to research to the popularity of keywords is to use a search engine, type in words, and observe what happens. The right keywords to target have to be familiar, appropriate and achievable. If an individual targets the wrong keywords, then all of his or her efforts would be in vain.

Consider the following factors when brainstorming:
1. Identify your largest competitors. View competitor websites and see which products they actually target; which search phrases do they rank for?

2. Is your audience likely to search for industry standard terms or simple layman phrases?

3. Which of your products are available? There is no point targeting search phrases that are popular if you don’t actually stock that item.

4. Which products have the highest profit margin? If you had just a $.20 markup on a very popular product, could you sell enough online to produce a profit? A product that is less searched but has a greater profit margin would be easier to obtain a search engine ranking and would yield higher revenues.

Keyword Selection Tools For Brainstorming

Some keyword selection tools are available, some for free and some that may charge a small price. These tools can help you determine which potential keywords are the most effective and offer related and relevant keyword suggestions as well. The Overture Search Term Suggestion Tool not only provides new possible keywords but can also help you find out how often these keywords have been searched for during the past month. Google offers the AdWords Keyword Suggestion Tool, and search engine related matches can also give you ideas on possible keywords to use. Using the available keyword suggestion tools will help you choose the most effective keywords possible for the intended website so that you get the desired results and see an increase in the search engine ranking for your website.