Top Reasons Why Alcohol Makes It Harder To Work The Next Day


People always tend to go for a drink to change the way they feel. Some may want to relax, others may want to overcome depression, anxiety, or emotional imbalance while others may simply want to celebrate so as to forget the day’s encountered difficulties. Yes, it can help you in any of the above factors for the night; but what of the next day? Will your concentration level be standard in the workplace? I doubt that. Alcohol is linked with various negative effects on the body that would make it harder for one to work the next day. Here are the reasons behind it:

Firstly, alcohol will dehydrate you. What you should know is, liquor is diuretic thus it will stimulate the kidneys to release more urine. The more one takes alcohol, the higher the chances of being dehydrated become. Being dehydrated will hinder ample supply of essential nutrients and oxygen to the muscles with the help of blood. Due to this, the muscles will often experience fatigue. This will in turn lead to decreased concentration levels; of course poor performance or rather reduced output by an individual will be the fallout.

Alcohol also alters the way the body generates energy. This is because the liver which is the primary energy source will shift to breaking down alcohol. The energy production function will be changed to a secondary utility. As a result, there will be no enough glucose produced for energy provision. Lack of sufficient energy supply will keep the body fatigued since it cannot keep up with the pace of body metabolism. In this, it means that one will tend to be tired most of the times.

Finally, alcohol slows down impulse transmission by the nerves around the body. This condition will create a conducive environment for relaxed feelings to build up. The end thing will be inefficient coordination, being slower and inaccuracy when performing different tasks.

It is evident that alcohol has different effects to one’s metabolism that may lead to poor performance when undertaking different chores. In the question of why alcohol makes it harder to work the next day, you have it all here.

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